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Repairs & Light Construction

Repairs and Light Construction

One of the unfortunate effects of mold and water damage is the amount of work that needs to be done to fully restore the property. That’s why repairs and light construction work are a natural extension of our remediation services and a tremendous value for you, the property owner.

Handyman Drywall repair
Durham handyman deck repair
Deck repair
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Bathroom caulking repair

Make the restoration process faster and less stressful.

Residential and commercial property owners that rely on Natural Restoration to get rid of mold, odors, and moisture will often ask if we can take care of projects related to the damage. For example, if we have to remove dry wall and light fixtures to address a moisture issue, nobody wants to return to a home with no walls or lights. And they certainly don’t want to deal with the headache of vetting, hiring, and coordinating multiple contractors.

Because we’ve already inspected every inch of the property that was damaged, we’ll be able to hit the ground running. Also, our team has the know-how to complete repairs and light construction work the right way to maximize durability, enhance beauty, and reduce the risk of future moisture issues.

Our Services

Ceiling and drywall repair

door repair / replacement

Window replacement

wool (sheep) insulation

Fence repair

Deck and patio repair

Bathroom fan installation

Fascia and siding repair

Caulking repair

Breathe Easy

Let us help with step one. And step two!

The first step is to remediate mold, odor, and moisture issues as quickly as possible. When we get to the next step – repairing or replacing parts of your property that were damaged – Natural Restoration can help!