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Residential Restoration Services

Chemical-Free Restoration and Remediation Services

The presence of mold/moisture/poor air quality in your home or crawlspace is a problem that you want corrected immediately – before it becomes a bigger problem. Trying to get rid of these problems by yourself, can make you sick and might leave hidden problems untreated. If you don’t take care of the root cause of it properly, it can lead to unhealthy air quality due to hidden issues inside your walls or crawlspace. 

We have the expertise and equipment to tackle your home restoration needs quickly. We find out what problems exist, and why they exist, so we can restore your home – without chemicals! You can breathe easy knowing your air quality is restored!

We also offer emergency remediation and restoration services in case of a flood or fire. Remember, every air quality issue is fixable and future problems are preventable when you address the root cause!

Residential mold in Raleigh - fixed

Remediation and Restoration Services

Chemical-Free Mold Remediation

Mold Testing

Air Duct Cleaning

Crawlspace Moisture Control

(full encapsulation, dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, sump pumps, drains, etc.)

Odor Inspection
and Removal

Radon Mitigation

Emergency Flood Damage Remediation

Water Restoration

Subfloor Insulation

Crawlspace encapsulation after moisture problem was resolved in Durham.

Crawlspace repair

North Carolina’s sticky and muggy climate creates moisture and humidity issues in our crawlspaces. After we remove the mold and moisture and dry your crawlspace, we might recommend a crawlspace dehumidifier. This will improve the air quality of your interior.

Are you concerned about Radon?

Radon air pollution is another major concern for homeowners. We have seen quite high radon levels in Wake Forest and other areas of the Triangle. Radon is a natural element in our environment and it can easily outgas and fill your home with invisible and odorless, radon gas.  Home inspectors are not required to flag “normal” radon levels, but radon might be making you sick.  Only special equipment can detect and measure radon in the home and environment.  If you are concerned about radon, please give us a call. We will detect and greatly reduce the radon levels in your home.

Radon System installed in Wake Forest.
Healthy indoor air quality in Durham home
Mike, suited up and ready to work!

Are you worried about your home air quality?

Scheduled assessments and maintenance of air ducts, crawlspaces, and air quality can be performed as recommended by your doctor to reduce the risk of health problems related to respiratory issues, allergies, systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), or mold-related sickness. If someone in your home has an illness or condition that can be made worse by poor indoor air quality, give us a call.

Natural Restoration can:

  • Perform a quantitative assessment and testing to determine what mold or toxic elements are present.
  • Identify the root cause of their growth.
  • Eliminate existing air quality issues without using chemicals.
  • Address the source of the problem so it doesn’t return.
  • Clean air ducts every three to five years depending on your health concerns.
  • Test for radon and if necessary install systems to move the bad air out of your home.
  • Work with your holistic or medical doctor to share our findings, with what types of mold we find in your home, what toxins they produce as well as their stage of growth.

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Let’s Improve the Air Quality in Your Home. Mold and odors are not normal and should not be accepted as such. Also, it is usually too big a problem to take care of yourself. Let us make sure the air your family breathes each day is clean.